Railway Reservation System

The best way to manage your Railway.

Responsive & Mobile Ready

Using responsive design is essential in actual conditions.

Extend your audience

More and more people are navigating using mobile phones and our directory helps you increase the traffic.

Be in sync with the trends

Responsive design is not a feature, is a standard.

Mobile friendly

Responsive design and code mean that the changes layout for optimal viewing on any devices: computers, tablets & smartphones, easy reading, and navigation with no hassle

Event Platform or Ticketing System

A flexible event platform will allow you to enable either events or a regular ticketing platform.

Event based platform

Run a variety of events to attract customer and increase your overall income.

Regular Ticketing platform

Schedule and run trips from and to multiple stations with ease.

Simple, Yet Powerful Scheduling


We’ve included the tools to easily change your schedule your events/trips. You can add/remove certain coaches, enable/disable trip rates/promotion, enable/disable entire coaches.

Overlaping trips

Run overlapping trips - inbound train for trip 1 is the same with the outbound train for trip 2.


Use overrides when the event/trip setup differs from the default setup. For example, a coach will not be used for a certain trip. Or a coach has been booked for a trip by a group and needs to be taken off the reservation process. Overrides can be applied to dates, trips, coaches, rates and promotions.

Effortless Administration


You don’t need to be a computer expert or internet whiz to set up and use your the railway reservation platform.

Complete solution

Railway Reservations has been developed to include everything you need to set up your railway reservation platform.

Clean & Simple Administration

We’ve gone a long way on creating a great user experience, from layout to design and architecture.

No hard-coded settings

Everything is in the hands of the administrator, no need for technical skills

Fill in your seats the right way


To avoid running empty coaches, a certain percentage of occupancy for active coaches must be reached before adding more coaches to a trip.

An existing mechanism sends notifications and alerts on the dashboard when a coach reaches a certain occupancy percentage.

A capacity threshold can be set to receive alerts via email and dashboard when coaches for a trip are about to get full.

Automated/General Seating

You have the complete control over the coach seating and layout from the administration area.

Table seating

For a dining car you can enable the table setting which is reflected on the seating chart.

Automated seating chart

The coach seating chart is generated automatically based on the set capacity.

Seating map

Customers get visual details on what’s on the seating map, what’s free/booked, accessibility seating, table settings.

General seating

Allow customers to purchase tickets without the need to select seats.

Accessibility seats

You can define the seats marked for accessibility.


You can define the layout of the coach seating.

Powerful Reservation Features

Use the multiple features and configuration possibilities to take full control of your reservation platform and to provide the best client experience. We’ve thought of everything to provide a great user experience starting with a streamlined reservation flow and ending with an easy to use administration platform.
You’re in charge!

Search for trips/events

Find events/trips for a specific date/time with ease by using the available search form.

Multiple Price Levels

Create multiple price levels with ticket categories and promotions which can be set in hierarchical structure to accommodate your needs.


Offer discounts to increase returning customers or to attract new customers.

Google maps

Finding/Setting a station location has never been easier. Define the exact location by clicking on the map or by entering the latitude & longitude.

Single Event Page

Every detail of the event you’re offering is located on one page. Location, stations, trip information, availability, contact info, web and social links, pictures and more.

Hustle free

Enjoy a hustle free, reliable reservation platform without errors or double bookings.

Collect payments

You can collect payments directly from your reservation platform without the need for manual reconciliation or a third party merchant.

Powerful Reporting

The available reports are built to give insight into how your schedules/events perform. Adjust rates, promotions, offer discounts, it’s all up to you.

Sales items


Sell various merchandise or services you might offer by enabling the Sales Items functionality.

You can offer specific merchandise that can be purchased for for an event/trip or general merchandise that can be acquired on to all evens/trips.

Customer can purchase sales items while in the reservation process or from their user account directly.

Boarding passes


Upon reservation completion, customers are sent boarding passes in a PDF format.

Booking information – information related to the person which made the booking including name and email is included.

Trip information – all the details in regards to the trip and stations are displayed.

QR code – each boarding pass has a QR code included which can be validated upon arrival at the station.

Directions of the starting station – a map with direction towards the starting station is included.

Seat info – information regarding selected seats is included.

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